Wender Weis Foundation for Children

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Wender Weis Foundation for Children's mission is to fund innovative programs benefitting underserved children in the areas of sports, the arts, and health. 

The San Francisco Bay Area is known for its generosity and philanthropic spirit. Even in this unique area of the country, we are challenged to give charitable aid and assistance to all the children who are most vulnerable and under-resourced.

WWFC raises funds and creates awareness for well vetted charitable organizations that provide assistance to at-risk kids. We donate proceeds from our fundraising efforts to various outreach programs which provide children with opportunities to build their confidence, skills and grow their self-esteem.

WWFC provides at-risk children with unique, event-based experiences that offer a break from their daily routine, create a sense of belonging, wonder and joy, and open their eyes to the hope and possibilities in their own lives.